Monday Morning Videomania #21: Killer Bigfoot, Robots in Space, Dirty Pervert Music

Eaglewalk - short horror film


This is brilliant. Take the setting and supernatural stalk ‘n’ slash formula of a film like Friday the 13th but replace Jason with an 8 foot tall Sasquatch, toss in some Native American folklore and you’ve got yourself EAGLEWALK. It’s unfortunate that the film only clocks in at 30 minutes because it’s far more entertaining than most theatrical horror films in recent memory. Just a tad more “tna” and Eaglewalk would be like a newly discovered time capsule of 80s horror.

Gardens of Miranda Episode 1

The first episode in what is planned as a new series, Gardens of Miranda is the latest work by master sculptor and character designer Tony McVey. While the plot seems simple enough, two robots on a mission to explore new life in space, the quality of the animation is impressive… really, really impressive. And if you think that’s awesome you should definitely check out McVey’s blog where he reveals a behind-the-scenes look at how the puppets were built and even a few storyboards. Thanks to Eric Millen over at Massive Fantastic for the tip on McVey!


I’m pretty sure I covered this one awhile back, but a recent rediscovery made me love it all over again. While I’m not a huge fan of the FLAIRS music, the video itself is nothing short of jaw-dropping batshit crazy. Directed by Jérémie Perin, Truckers Delight is a 16-bit inspired slice of sexual vulgarity that finds a truck driver in hot pursuit of a flirty blonde. Over the course of his chase the trucker manages to ride a hippo man bareback (literally, the hippo man has no pants on), eat shit, insert of pump in his butt to grow Godzilla size, hijack a plane and… well, things only get weirder (and more explicit) from there.

Written by Rondal

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  • Tony McVey

    Hi Rondal,

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting ep.1 of Gardens of Miranda. It resulted in quite a boost in viewers on my Vimeo page, so I very much appreciate it.
    Take care.


    • You’re welcome, Tony. Keep up the great work and we’ll keep tuning in!