Fan Art Friday: Phil Postma’s Pixar-Style ‘Star Wars’

Pixar - Star Wars

When we first featured Phil Postma‘s work last August (‘Monster Mansion’ Cereal Mascot) it had as much to do with how awesome Postma’s artwork was as it did with the fact that they were related to General Mills’ Monster Cereal line. This time out, Postma demonstrates that his creative ability goes above and beyond… far, far beyond… like, to another galaxy beyond.

Originally inspired by a rash of badly Photoshop’d Incredibles/Avengers fan art Postma took his own stab at it, resulting in a series of Pixar-style Marvel/DC fan art that led into a similar take on Dr. Who and – most recently – a Pixar/Star Wars mash-up!

Mainly, this was just another way to better know Photoshop and I used the same rules as when I did those “Star Wars” posters. Just collected a lot of images using Google, cut and pasted them together, and this is what you get. I put them in a format that makes them look like those movie & comic trading cards I use to collect as a kid.

Written by Rondal

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  • Ben Furse

    Absolutely love it and Han Solo’s face is priceless, this is not an artist I have seen before and even though I am someone for who the Star Wars craze went straight over my head I definitely like the feel of his work…

    Will be keeping an eye out for this one.

  • Tessa

    These are pretty rad! Well done mash-up.