Collector Spotlight #3 — Ross, Owner of 8-Bit Zombie

NES Collection

[Welcome to our Collector Spotlight feature where we spotlight members of the SKC community who have dedicated their time, money and living space to amassing an awe-inspiring collection of toys, games, pencil toppers or novelty soaps. If you collect it, are proud of it and want to share it this is your chance!]

This week’s featured collector is none other than my friend Ross, owner and founder of 8-Bit Zombie! Aside from running THE raddest apparel shop on the net, Ross is also an avid collector of NES, SNES and Sega Genesis cartridges. In fact, his nostalgia for old school video games was one of the founding inspirations for 8BZ… as if you couldn’t tell be his company’s Power Glove-inspired logo.

ROSS: I collect NES games simply because NES was my childhood. I didn’t have a ton of games growing up, quite the opposite. But I grew up in the Nintendo heyday and was surrounded by NES everything. It was a magical time and the NES was a magical system. The graphics may have been crude by today’s standards but games like Legend of Zelda and Metroid were doors into secret and vast worlds. As a child I spent countless hours basking in that pixelated glow and have many fond 8-bit memories. NES was so much a part of my life (Both as a child and as an adult) that when I started my clothing line, I knew the major theme would be the 8-bit era.

I collect SNES & Genesis as well and love them both. Those systems bring back many warm memories too. But the Nintendo Entertainment System will always have a special place in my 8-bit heart. Other systems come and go but the NES is one system I know I’ll be playing for the rest of my life (and my extra lives)!

Written by Rondal

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  • Ben Furse

    This guy Ross’ site “8-bit Zombie” is great, it has such a perfect style for me personally and I can imagine a lot of people agree… If this article hasn’t made you go and check it out all ready then make sure you do. The clothing and accessories are fantastic and very reasonably priced… (I realised half way through looking at the clothing that the prices are in dollars and being from the UK that meant that everything is so much cheaper than I had initially thought PRICE WIN!) Plus “Strange Kids Club” have made a SICK! collaboration tee-shirt design that if you are quick enough you may be able to get your hands on…

    It is definitely a site to keep your eye on.