New Documentary ‘Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan’ Celebrates Legendary Filmmaker

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

At age 92, it’s safe to say that director and stop-motion pioneer Ray Harryhausen is a true filmmaking legend. Heck, the man’s been a legend since the 80s when movies like Clash of the Titans inspired many of today’s special effects artists and directors. It’s only fitting then that an icon like Harryhausen would receive a documentary befitting his status and if early reviews are right Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan is such a film.

The biopic, which received a release in the UK last November, touts itself as “the definitive documentary about Ray Harryhausen” with interviews featuring Harryhausen himself as well as respected directors like Peter Jackson, Terry Gilliam, John Landis, Guillermo Del Toro and tons more. Critics seem to agree with many calling it things like “a wonderful celebration of his work” and “a fascinating and loving look at one of cinema’s true greats.”

According to the film’s Facebook page plans are being made for an eventual DVD release packed with bonus material not see at screenings, which is good news for us here in the states. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no timeline which means it could take awhile. Until then I suppose, at least we’ve got the this promising (if not a tad overly dramatic) trailer.

Written by Rondal

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