Blue Core Studios Teams Up with Internet Celebs For ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Fan Film

Live Action Sonic the Hedgehog fan film

As an insane fan of Doug Walker and James Rolfe I tend to follow their every move, some might even call it stalking. Thankfully, with the magic of Facebook, becoming a stalker has turned quite easy. It’s thanks to this that I discovered both of them, along some other internet personalities, will be making cameos in a fan movie that I can’t believe hadn’t been made earlier: Sonic the Hedgehog!

In a move that makes ordinary Sonic fanatics look like mere amateurs, director Eddie Lebron has pulled off a whole new level of Sonic fanatism with plans for a FULL-HOUR-AND-A-HALF-MOVIE about Sonic the Hedgehog (made out of pure fan love). Lebron is quite a superstar when it comes to making videogame fan films, with a feature length creative movie featuring none other than the Blue Bomber and MEGA MAN already under his belt (Mega Man: The Fan Film)!

For his next adventure, Lebron is teaming up with Blue Core Studios to give fans an interesting and powerful spec film of what could turn into a full movie that fans and videogame lovers may have never expected to see. So far it looks interesting; apparently it treats us to one of the versions of Sonic born out of the comics were humans rule and talking animals live in peace somewhere else.

In a starring role, Lerbon has casted Jaleel White as the voice of a CGI-animated Sonic while D.J. Hazard is the very megalomaniac (and live action) Dr Robotnik… and that’s for starters. Several internet celebrities have shown their endorsement for the movie by making cameos on it! Stuttering Craig, Brentalfloss, The Angry Videogame Nerd, and The Nostagiacritic are all on board, and that’s just the tip of iceberg!

I think this fan film should be endorsed, not just because it’s a Sonic movie, but because it shows promise overall and really gives us a glimpse of what creativity can give us in this age of the internet. Give the trailer a watch and if you like what you see go to the official Sonic the Hedgehog fan movie page to donate a little something and help make the full project come true.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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