Magnus, Robot Fighter… The Animated Series?

Magnus, Robot Fighter by Matias Hannecke

While a Magnus, Robot Fighter animated series would be an insanely cool addition to the current hum drum Saturday morning line-up, sadly it’ll probably never happen. The closest we’ll ever get then will likely be this fan art by Canadian artist Matias Hannecke.

For those not familiar with Magnus, the character was created by Russ Manning in 1963 as a futuristic martial artist capable of breaking steel with his bare hands. Like Batman he had a few gadgets to give him an edge over his robotic foes, but that’s about the extent of his powers (breaking stuff). Still, Hannecke does make a good point, it is pretty hilarious/bad ass.

Animated Magnus, Robot Fighter Character Art

Magnus, Robot Fighter by Matias Hannecke

A description by Hannecke:

Some fun quick redesigns done in the little free time I could scrounge up. Magnus Robot Fighter, created by Russ Manning in 1963, is a man who fights rogue robots with his bare hands. Its definitely the most ineffective way to destroy anything mechanical…an idea that I find hilarious/bad ass.

Written by Rondal

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