Monday Morning Videomania #19: Scary ‘Slender Man,’ Crazy Kung-Fu and Stop Motion WoW

Proxy: A Slender Man Story - Short Film

Proxy: A Slender Man Story

Another video directed by Mike Diva (see Kill the Noise), Proxy is a short film based on the Slender Man mythos that originated online back in 2009 and made even more popular by the Slender: The Eight Page game in 2012. According to internet legend, the Slender Man is a tall, thin creature with a featureless face whose motives are unknown. Diva’s film follows Vince, an ordinary joe, who stumbles across the Slender Man while watching an internet video and quickly falls prey to the myth.

Joe Hasson, who submitted the video, also pointed out that actor Matthew Mercer (who plays Vince) is also the voice actor for Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6. Thanks for the tip Joe!

The Super Inframan Battles Evil Things (Clip)

Literal translation? The Chinese Superman… also the original Power Ranger… also the Chinese Steve Austin (the Six Million Dollar Man, not the wrestler). In reality, Super Inframan is all of these things thanks to top-secret, high-tech experiment that transformed ordinary man (Lei Ma) into a “bionic kung-fu superhero!” This crazy-as-hell flick from the 70s features a sexy Demon Princess, ninja skeletons, bouncing robots, nut shots and enough cheesy special effects to choke a horse. Don’t take my word for it – watch on!

Mega Bloks World of Warcraft – Episode 1

Whereas Lego has chosen to take the big budget CGI approach to their animated efforts, it would seem that Mega Bloks has chosen a more hands on (and cooler) route: stop motion! I mean, it makes perfect sense for a toy line that’s intended to be played with and reminds me of the sort of scenarios I’d come up with with my action figures growing up. As you can tell by the title, this is part one of a series of WOW “toymation” shorts that tell the tale of Colton, a heroic Human Paladin, and his party who find themselves in battle with the evil Ragerock and his Horde of Orc Warriors.

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