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Monday Morning Videomania #18: Punisher Fan Film, Alien Claymation and Superman Lives

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December 31, 2012


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Monday Morning Videomania #18: Punisher Fan Film, Alien Claymation and Superman Lives

Do Not Fall In New York City (Punisher Fan Film)

While mainstream Hollywood hasn’t seemed to gotten The Punisher character quite right there seems to be a whole slew of indie creators that understand what it takes to make Marvel’s non-powered bad ass work (hint: violent man, short fuse, lots of guns) – most importantly, he’s not a hero. This latest effort, by Biggun Dreams, is a little rough around the edges but gets that one very important aspect… it’s sort of what I’d imagine a Punisher series on Liquid Television might be like (written by The Maxx‘s Sam Keith).

An Alien Claymation

Lee Hardcastle has been a clubhouse favorite ever since we first came upon him waaaay back in 2011 and his work has never ceased to impress since. Demonstrating a few new tricks and more than a few nods to sci-fi/horror films like Signs and Braindead, An Alien Claymation takes viewers on a thrill ride that has an army of “brainy” aliens trying to stick a baby in a microwave.


As someone who relishes watching shows like Toy Hunter or Syfy’s much maligned Collection Intervention, I find myself fascinated by people who become consumed by their fandom. Whether it be comics, toys, or movie memorabilia there’s a fine line between someone who passively collects and someone who can be considered a collector. Same goes for fandom… there are fans and then there are “super” fans. In case you can’t tell, this guy is a “super” fan.

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