2K Gives Us a Glimpse at the Heavy Hitters in Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite - Mechanized Patriot

“Great heroes are made by even greater villains.” I don’t know if I said that right, but I think that’s the staple of several great games, and the BioShock franchise is ruled by that law. In my opinion there are no better games that convey the deepness of a story or the evil of a villain shaped by society than the BioShock series. Just seeing those splicers as we navigated through the deeps of Rapture, while listening to the macabre stories whispered through our ears, gave us a whole new level of fear in the original game. Add to that atmosphere of dread a horde of Big Daddies, Little Sisters and Big Sisters and BioShock Infinite is looking to be a psychological thriller of unknown proportions.

Back in March, 2K released a series of videos that I was astonished almost no one seemed to notice. Seen below, they explain to us the inside origins of a new subclass of enemies that will thicken the cast of evil you’ll have to fight through in the new, steampunk-flying city of Columbia. 2K named this new class “HEAVY HITTERS” and so far it’s composed of four enemies that radically vary in size and shape, but they all have that horrifying twist that will make us never want to cross those things… even during the day in a busy street.

The Motorized Patriot

The first one to roll in is “The Motorized Patriot,” a robot among monsters. The Patriots are walking statues of George Washington armed with a six barrel machine gun who’s primary objective is to kill anyone they consider an enemy. As the 2K guys said, it is relentless and will go after you until you die or it dies; after all he is a robot and robots fear neither death nor pain and nothing in, between or outside those two things, they seek, they end; rinse and repeat.

The Handyman

The second monstrosity is “The Handyman,” a bizarre hybrid creature of a dead husk of a man and the cold steel of machine; a cyborg you could feel sorry for if he wasn’t trying to kill you. Handymen are creatures that are incredibly strong, but overall agile for their size; they can rely on strategy to win a fight and as their name may imply, their big hands are your awaiting doom in Columbia. They may try to seize you, they may try to seize something around, but whatever they grab will collide with something and make a “splat” sound once it comes down.

Boys of Silence

Third we have the creepy “Boys of Silence,” deformed kids hid underneath blind helmets with auditory receptors in each side and a hole for a mouth. These twisted creatures are the cameras of the city of Columbia, looking for the faintest unfamiliar noise to rise the alarm and call the cavalry to your doom. You could say that they are the real face of Columbia, with big mouths, big ears, but no face and exuding pure horror.


Last, but not least, we have the ghost among machines called “Sirens.” These flying, feminine ghosts could be described as the twisted reflection of the city’s soul. They may not seem as much, but one wail of their cursed voices and all dead enemies in its reach will come back to life just to murder you. A tricky enemy n both design and powers, fighting it is a race against time to see if you can get to her before her friends can get to you; because in Columbia even the undead have a place.

Overall, this new cast of villains has me really excited! I can’t wait to see what BioShock Infinite will add to my BioShock gaming experience, but I can feel it will be as scarring as any game that has come before it.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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  • It does look immense! Also special mention must go to the song ‘Beast’ that is used on the Bioshock: Infinite trailer. What a song! 😀