Monday Morning Videomania #16: Twisted Christmas Shorts Edition

A Krampus Carol by Anthony Bourdain

Jesus vs. Frosty

Apparently this is one of the earliest South Park shorts that Matt Stone and Trey Parker ever created while in college (1992). Along with another short (Jesus vs. Santa) from 1995 the two films are actually titled The Spirit of Christmas and reveals some interesting tidbits about the future series, including the fact that Cartman was the original Kenny! It doesn’t get more sacrilegious than this (okay, maybe it does), but you gotta admit it’s funny to see a bearded baby Jesus scalping Frosty with his halo.

A Krampus Carol by Anthony Bourdain

Written by Travel Channel host, Anthony Bourdain, this short was created by Zero Point Zero Production back in 2011 as part of Bourdain’s No Reservations Christmas special. However, it never aired after the show’s executives pulled it for the “edgy” content (smacking little kids around). For those who aren’t aware, the story is based on the European Christmas legend of Krampus – a nasty elf/demon whose job it is to punish naughty children.

Roid Rage: The Christmas Special

A truly bizarre Christmas short that spins off from creator Ryan Lightbourn’s previous comedy/horror/action short (Roid Rage), Roid Rage: The Christmas Special finds the title character (Sammy Jenkins) trying to take down a cokehead Santa Clause with the help of the “giant killer hemorrhoid growing out of his ass.” Yep, you read that right… this dude’s got a radioactive hemorrhoid that can melt faces and generally f*ck things up. Fa La La La, La La La.

Written by Rondal

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