Imaginary Monsters: Catacombs 1 – Beginning

Imaginary Monsters webcomic

EDITOR’S NOTE: Before we kick things off, I just wanted to say how excited I am to announce our recent partnership with illustrator Peter Lazarski whose webcomic, Imaginary Monsters, has become one of my favorites on the net. After taking a break this past year, Lazarski has returned to his creation with a brand new story arc called Catacombs which we’ll be sharing here at the clubhouse as well – new strips will run every Monday and Friday!

Imaginary Monsters - Catacombs pt 1

Written by Peter Lazarski

Peter Lazarski makes comics and video games for Workinman Interactive. He draws monsters and pretty girls with bad haircuts. If you see him please say "Hello!"

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  • Whoa, Peter’s art is rad! Need to go check out the older stuff pronto…

  • Coooool! I’ll need to head over and check this out from the start!