Nerdcore Artist ‘DR. AWKWARD’ Celebrates the DC Universe with New Mixtape

Dr. Awkward - Nerdcore Hip Hop

Hip hop has always been a genre of music that embraces individualism and standing out from the thousands upon thousands of Emcee’s that you can find on any given day just by going online. As far as I’m concerned no other artist out there today stands out like Dr. Awkward!

I found out about his music a few years when I begin looking for new artist in Nerdcore Hip Hop genre. I don’t remember exactly how or where I came across Dr. Awkward but the moment I did I fell in the love with the sound he had created. His sound was and still is like nothing you’ll hear anywhere else. Whether you want songs about real life situations like being considered different, being bullied or if you want songs about video games, comic books, and other nerdy goodness, Dr. Awkward is your go to guy!

At the time of me writing this he has just released a free 4 track mixtape entitled New 52: Volume 1 each song relates to one of the new DC Comic’s revamp. You have a song about Batman, Jonah Hex, Justice League Dark & Aquaman. If you’re a DC fan by any means or just want some good music about comic books, give this a listen!

While you’re there giving that a listen and hopefully a download as well, you’ll do yourself a favor and check out all the other releases that Dr. Awkward has up for you to download! He puts his all into each of his songs and it truly shows each and every time he graces us with a new release.

If you enjoy his music be sure to spread the word about him to everyone you know. Dr. Awkward does this music on a pure donation basis, he doesn’t ask for your money. But if you’re feeling generous you might consider giving him a few bucks before you download or even heading over to his store and buying yourself a Dr. Awkward t-shirt! You can also follow him via Twitter @Doctor_Awkward.

Written by Tommy Oxford

Tommy Oxford or SimplyTee as he's known online. Is a lover of all things entertainment & pop culture. He's an avid gamer, film fanatic, comic geek & and all around nerdy guy. If you want to see what he's up to follow him via Twitter @ItsSimplyTee or check his personal blog.

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