Monday Morning Videomania #15: Death, Satanic Swedens and Transforming Robots

Swedish Meal Time

Dumb Ways to Die

Metro Trains Melbourne takes a unique approach to your typical safety video with Dumb Ways to Die, a sinisterly catchy music video that features a cast of oddly shaped characters dying in horrifically dumb ways. I still don’t understand who would possibly sit inside a washer while its turned on (or how that’s even possible), but I guess it goes to prove the Metro’s point that anyone that stupid might also have a bad habit of falling in front of an oncoming train… or some such nonsense.

Satanic Salad – Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a better version of the cooking channel, we’ve got your answer right here: yes, yes there is. In fact, the interwebs is full of such “culturally enriching” cooking shows one of which (Epic Meal Time) we covered awhile back. This time, however, we’ve found some even more extreme (or at least equally entertaining): Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time! So, we figured what better way to dive into this new experience than by learning how to make a Satanic Salad because… growing demons got to eat too right?

BRAVEROBOTICS 1/12 scale Transform Robot

By far the most sane video we’ve picked this week, there’s not much to say about this one… other than it’s a custom Transformer that actually works! Sure the movement is a little janky, but come on, how cool would this little guy be sitting on your desk?

Written by Rondal

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