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Bravest Warriors Battle to Prevent Prolasped Anus in ‘Butter Lettuce’

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November 30, 2012


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Bravest Warriors Battle to Prevent Prolasped Anus in ‘Butter Lettuce’

The Bravest Warriors are back this week in Butter Lettuce, the third episode of Cartoon Hangover’s newest web series (created by Pendleton Ward). As if the previous two episodes didn’t push the weirdness factor far enough, this latest installment finds Chris, Wallow and Danny using the Holo-John – a toilet and holographic simulation computer combined. That’s right, you can play video games while you take care of yo business – genius!

Anyway, there’s a threat of prolapsed anus from staying on the Holo-John too long combined with an evil magical wildebeest and that’s before the boys get sucked into Beth’s butter lettuce fantasy simulation full of dancing elves and stripper unicorns. It’s probably best seen rather than described…

Dark abomination of the Wet Mounds of Nardacorn, Chris is taking his sweet time in the bathroom! As Chris, Wallow, and Danny hog the Holo-John with their fantasies, they prevent a certain member of the Bravest Warriors team from getting a fresh start to her day.

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