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‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ Takes You into the Twisted Mind of Neil Patrick Harris

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November 28, 2012


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‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ Takes You into the Twisted Mind of Neil Patrick Harris

Take the world’s top name is puppeteering (Jim Henson Company), toss in a pint-sized M.D. turned Hollywood renaissance man (Neil Partrick Harris) and serve through the twisty straw of “nerdism” (Nerdist) and you’ve got NEIL’S PUPPET DREAMS, the lastest web series from the Nerdist Channel that premiered yesterday.

The debut episode, entitled THE LULLABYE, find Harris dealing with fatherhood before going narcoleptic on us and revealing that “when I dream, I dream in puppets.” While that may sounds crazy enough in words, it’s even crazier (and more awesome) in action. As we enter Neil’s mind he’s falling from the sky when a group of “angelic” puppets appear to sing him a lullabye. As it turns out, though, this lullabye is even more twisted that Rock-a-bye Baby and… well, Neil goes splat (or thud).

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