Monday Morning Videomania #14: Thanksgiving Edition

The Sexy Pilgrim - Thanksgiving video

The Sexy Pilgrim

Perhaps the oddest noodle on this list, The Sexy Pilgrim is actually a commercial for Muscle Milk in the facade of a R&B jam starring both Jason Reed (Lee from Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny) and someone who (at least) looks an awful like Jonathan Goldsmith (The World’s Most Interesting Man, Dos Equis TV spokesperson). Regardless, this video aims to bring sexy back to Thanksgiving. The real question, though, is if Thanksgiving was ever sexy to begin with…

A Hooker’s Thanksgiving

Everyone has their own, special holiday traditions… even corner dwelling prostitutes, apparently. However, while most tradition center around family and being together, A Hooker’s Thanksgiving takes those concepts to a whole new place. One that’s best left to your dirty, dirty imagination. Be sure to check out the outtakes on this one too, hilarious!

Weird Al Show CBS Thanksgiving Promo

More scary than it is weird or funny, this Thanksgiving promo for CBS in 1997 starring “Weird Al” Yankovic (The Weird Al Show) no doubt scarred many young lives back when it was originally broadcast. Why is Weird Al choking that turkey? What’s wrong with that woman? Why is Weird Al floating sideways in Hippy Land? The world may never know.

Written by Rondal

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