First Look! Animator Maxwell Atoms’ New Personal Project is ‘Dead Meat’

Dead MEat Pilot by Maxwell Atoms

Maxwell Atoms is a man of true mystery. After a phenomenal run on Cartoon Network with The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Atoms went underground before joining Disney’s Fish Hooks as executive producer. Aside from that, the creator and voice actor has somewhat fallen into animation obscurity with no new projects… until now.

Back in June (yeah, I’m a little behind), Atoms revealed that he was embarking on a personal project called DEAD MEAT. Calling it a “post-apocalyptic buddy/action/comedy flick about a guy (Heracles Heck) and his mutant dog (Dead Meat),” little else has been offered about the project since then. However, on Atom’s Tumblr page there are several pieces of production art including character designs, storyboards and some interested sculpts for stop motion props(?).

I’m not doing this to pitch to a studio. I’m not doing it to make money (although, YouTube willing, there’ll be pleasant side-effects). I’m not putting it up on Kickstarter. I don’t want notes. I don’t want to owe anyone anything. Oh, I’ll ask for help. But the real reason I’m doing this is to save my artistic soul. And to have a lot of fun creating and building these characters and their world. And to have an amazing premiere party once it’s all done. But mostly to make entertainment without compromise. Because that’s what turns me on, baby.

In a more recent update, it sounds like the project may be delayed in light of Atoms being pulled onto a new series pitch for Disney (which could be exciting), but the artist hopes that more updates will come for Dead Meat by the end of the year.


Dead Meat - Maxwell Atoms

Written by Rondal

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