Monday Morning Videomania #12: Halloween Short Films Edition!

Welcome to Hoxford Fan Film

Well, I certainly hope that most of you made it through this past Halloweekend with your limbs intact (or at least your vital organs), but the fun’s not over yet because Halloween doesn’t officially end until this Wednesday so there’s plenty more “boo” to go around! In fact, today’s Monday Morning Videomania countdown is dedicated exclusively to horror shorts that made us wet (our pants) this weekend.

Monster Roll

A proof-of-concept short for a feature film about “sushi chefs fighting sea monsters,” Monster Roll is incredibly well-done and incredibly funny for a monster movie. The short is written & directed by Dan Blank and stars Masashi Odate, Hidetoshi Imura, Gerald Okamura and — get this — Steve Howey (Reba, Stan Helsing). It seems that the project is still in the early stages of its funding campaign, but there’s SO much to like here I can’t imagine it won’t get made. Sushi chefs vs Giant Squid? Check. Drunken Kung fu? Check. Sumo wrestler vs Monster Crab? Oh yeah, check baby!


Created by Goat & Yeti Stereoscopic Productions, an indie outfit that seem to specialize in old school 3D, CHOMPERS 3D is another teaser/proof of concept short film. Although this teaser only features one character (“Candy the Cougar”) the film promises a wholesale assortment of puppet-laden slaughter:

Chompers is a shape-changing predator that disguises itself as something round waiting for a victim to slide an appendage inside its mouth. In the wild, it took the shape of hollowed out logs and stumps. In suburbia, its found trashcans, cookie jars, and so much more.

The crew is currently seeking funding for the project and are even offering up the first 10 pages of the script for anyone to read!

Welcome to Hoxford (Fan Film)

We first spotlighted this Welcome to Hoxford fan film last year when it first premiered, but it was too good not to mention it again this year. Directed by Julien Mokrani and written by Samuel Bodin this short was adapted from Ben Templesmith’s haunting graphic novel, Welcome to Hoxford, which revolves around a prison full of werewolves and the lone psychopath willing to stop them.

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