Go Down the Dark Rabbit Hole with Robert Morgan’s ‘Bobby Yeah’ Stop Motion Short

Every year I try to find a new, horrifying short to share here at the clubhouse for Halloween. While the rest of this month has been painfully slow with the All Hallow’s cheer, it did prove to be productive with the discovery of a short film so odd and unsettling that it’s “guaranteed to make your face hurt!”

A self-professed “weird kid obsessed with monsters and the things that hide under rocks,” director/animator Robert Morgan‘s work gleefully frolics in the afterbirth of insanity… and that’s a good thing. With five stop motion horrors to his credit, each with titles like The Separation and The Cat With Hands, Morgan unveiled his latest creation on an unsuspecting world this year: Bobby Yeah. True to his previous shorts, Morgan instills his cast of clay characters with an eerie fleshiness that make things seem disturbingly surreal and though the story may be a bit obscured by the artistry it’s nonetheless compelling to watch.

Full of nightmarish creatures that pulsate, pleasure themselves and spawn a series of unholy abominations one after the other, Bobby Yeah is truly a haunting spectacle. Bobby, who may look like bizarre version of Maurice Sendak’s Max (Where the Wild Things Are), is actually a far more sinister character whose uncontrollable impulse to steal and press buttons shunts him through a variety of set pieces, each more visceral than the last. After an inebriating odyssey of confusion and curiosity, Bobby is ultimately “set free” with the implication of events seemingly left open to interpretation.

For more information on the film and when it might become available, be sure to check out the official Bobby Yeah Facebook page.


Written by Rondal

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