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Fan Art Friday: Grimbro’s ’13 Nights’ of Horror Icon Series

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October 12, 2012


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Fan Art Friday: Grimbro’s ’13 Nights’ of Horror Icon Series

While I had never heard of the artist known to DeviantArt fans as Grimbro before this week, I certainly wish I had. The New England resident has a loose painterly style that utilizes color in a way that few others can. To make things even more appealing, Grimbro is also a horror fan – a fact made quite evident by his extensive portfolio full of zombies, monsters and psycho killers.

Since 2007, Grimbro has committed himself to doing a 13 Nights of Halloween series of artworks that feature an assortment of creatures from both the horror genre and popular culture. While it doesn’t seem like the 2012 series has officially kicked off, I decided to just share a few of my favorites from several years past.

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