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The ‘Horseless Headsman’ is Hungry in Snickers Halloween 2012 Ad Spot

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October 5, 2012


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The ‘Horseless Headsman’ is Hungry in Snickers Halloween 2012 Ad Spot

Of all the candy companies, Snickers seems to have cornered the market in the past few years during October with a series of awesome (and twisted) ad spots starting with the creepy-as-hell “old grocery lady” spot from back in 2010. This year, they continue the trend with the “Horseless Headsman,” a funny spin on the Headless Horseman.

Kids in costume, trick-or-treating, candy… this is what Halloween used mean!

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  • http://wings1295.blogspot.com/ Caffeinated Joe

    Very odd! Quite fun. Still want to see the old lady in the supermarket ad this year, tho! Love it!

  • http://www.donandmutt.co.uk Paul Arnold

    This isn’t a Halloween advert, but it is still quite messed up haha!


    • http://www.strangekidsclub.com Rondal

      Ha! I had to watch that twice to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me – that was insane! :D

  • http://www.donandmutt.co.uk Paul Arnold
    • http://www.strangekidsclub.com Rondal

      Love it!! :D

  • Joe

    Oh God that was hilarious…and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the “old lady” commercial from last year was creepy as hell.

  • Joanna

    Is that Brian “Arwin Hawkhauser” Stepanek as the Horseless Headman? :D

    • Rick Stanley

      I thought it was Christopher Loyd!

      • http://www.strangekidsclub.com Rondal

        Now THAT would be a cameo! :D

  • Chris Castor

    Who played the “Horseless Headsman” in that commercial. My husband insists that it’s Christopher Lloyd, but I disagree. Please settle this! Thanks!