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Michael Myers Learns How to Drive in ArieScope’s New ‘Halloween’ Short!

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October 2, 2012


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Michael Myers Learns How to Drive in ArieScope’s New ‘Halloween’ Short!

ArieScope’s Halloween shorts have become somewhat of an annual tradition for horror fans, every year bringing a brand new bundle of blood-filled joy. Honestly, who could forget such classics as The Tiffany Problem (2007), Jack Chop (2009) or Just Take One?

This year, Adam Green and his cohorts at ArieScope, including actors Joel David Moore and Kane Hodder, have done it again with a “newly discovered deleted scene” from John Carpenter’s seminal slasher flick, HALLOWEEN. The “deleted scene” explains just how Myers was able to drive away from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium all those years ago.

In John Carpenter’s 1978 classic HALLOWEEN, “Michael Myers” was suddenly able to drive a car after having sat in a sanitarium staring at the wall since childhood. While the filmmakers addressed this slight plot hole briefly in the original movie with a throw away line by Donald Pleasance (“Maybe someone around here gave him lessons”), we here at ArieScope Pictures were fortunate enough to track down a never-before-seen deleted scene from HALLOWEEN that thoroughly explains what really happened. Our 14th annual Halloween Short Film parodies our favorite slasher film of all time and stars Joel David Moore (AVATAR, HATCHET) and Kane Hodder (HATCHET 1-3) as “Michael Myers”.

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