Fact or Fiction: Was Harrison Ford Supposed to be Judge Dredd?

Harrison Ford as Judge Dredd

As Rick Deckard in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner Harrison Ford has played a futuristic cop before, but is it true that he was also meant to play as Judge Dredd in the original 1995 film?

Judge Dredd - Concept Poster

FALSE: As it turns out, director Danny Cannon was a Dredd (and sci-fi) fan long before he ever encountered the film property. Cannon was such a big fan that he even entered a poster competition held in 1987 for a “possible future film” which was later published in 2000 AD Prog 534 (Issue #534).

The poster, which can be seen above, references Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner with Harrison Ford as the leading law man along with Christopher Walken (awesome!) and Darryl Hannah as the new kid on the block, PSI Anderson. References to Blade Runner can still be seen in Judge Dredd‘s set design, though one wonders how much of Cannon’s original vision was lost during his creative disputes with Stallone.

As an interesting sidenote, according the IMBd, it would seem that Christopher Walken was indeed offered a role as Rico but ultimately turned it down.

Written by Rondal

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  • Mike

    In Blade Runner, there is a character who makes origami animals throughout the movie. At the end, Deckard finds an origami unicorn.

    In the final fight sequence where Dredd and Anderson confront Mama, Anderson gets shot and goes down. Dredd shoots mama, but at one point Anderson is on the floor but looks up as Dredd is about to throw mama out the window. At that point there is a small horse on the floor beside her (its made from wire but not paper).

    I’m assuming this is a nod to Blade Runner, but wondering why do this? Are they supposedly taking place in the same realm?

  • David Barber

    Harrison Ford could have been an interesting Dredd but I don’t think he would have been comfortable with the violence and fascist viewpoint. Karl Urban was perfect and Stallone apparently wanted to make Dredd a more complex and less heroic character.