The Creators of ‘ELDRITCH!’ Bring the Walls Crashing Down in the Final Issue [Review]


STORY BY: Aaron Alexovich
COVER PRICE: $0.99 (digital)
RELEASE DATE: Now available

It’s a been a long, hard road for the cast of AARON ALEXOVICH and DREW RAUSCH’s digital comic miniseries, ELDRITCH!. A brother and sister are at war, limbs have been lost, demonic babies revealed and otherworldly tentacled monstrosities have only begun their slaughterous intent. If you’ve been with us for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of this book and have been eagerly awaiting this final chapter of the series. For those new to ELDRITCH!, it’s essentially the story of Anya Owen Sobczek – siblings who have been caught up in Lovecraftian tale of horror that includes the mysterious Newbarn family, a demonic “cult” of teenagers (Order of Tongues) and Owen’s own rise to become a Dark God.

As the final chapter, entitled Monsters, opens we find Owen standing victorious over his predecessor in the Order of the Tongues. Driven a little mad by the black infection that has overtaken his body (and mind), Owen seems to have become a Dark Messiah until he reveals his true intentions – saving his sister. Once safe from danger, Owen and Anya begin to unravel the causes behind the infection – what seems like a mix of science and magic. Things are fine until Mr. Newbarn returns from his journey of self-discovery in Issue #4 and decided to start “cleaning up his mess.”

I won’t ruin the end game for you, but let’s just say that not everyone makes it out alive or finds a happy ending. Alexovich and Rausch leave things open enough for future stories to be told while still giving readers plenty of closure which is nice. As in all the previous issues, Rausch’s artwork shines here especially when it comes to the bubbling, festering assortment of creatures the story has featured. Overall, ELDRITCH! is the stuff that classic horror films are made of and I can only hope that with a TPB planned later this Fall from SLG Publishing that someone in movie-making will take note as well.

New to ELDRITCH!? Get caught up on past issues – only .99 cents per issue! – over at the official ELDRITCH! website.

Written by Rondal

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