And the Miniature Dead Shall Rise… S.L.U.G. Zombies from Jakks Pacific [Toy Review]

SLUG Zombies - Scary Little Ugly Guys

S.L.U.G. Zombies (Scary Little Ugly Guys) is a relatively new toy line from JAKKS Pacific that resurrects the spirit of the classic M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster in My Pocket style of detailed minifigs, much in the same way that October Toys has attempted to do with their OMFG series. In fact, according to Branded in the 80s, one of the co-owners of October Toys (George Gaspar) even worked on one of the S.L.U.G. sculpts!

Currently in their third series, which dropped in August, the S.L.U.G. minifigs come in a single “blind pack, 3-pack or 12-Pack Coffin Box form (for the S.L.U.G. elite, there’s also a Collector’s Case which fits 32 minifigs). Each series consists of 15 figures total and in a bit of traditional marketing savvy, JAKKS packages them in such a way that you’ll have to purchase a combination of the packs in order to collect all of them. A minor inconvenience for such a kick-awesome assortment of height-challenged, flesh-chomping creatures.

SLUG Zombies - 3 Pack

While Series One strictly consisted of zombies, the most recent releases added a smaller sets of flesh-toned zombie slayers (aka “Hunters”). Much like their undead counterparts, the Hunters each serve as well-executed parodies of pop culture icons like Shaun of the Dead, Crocodile Dundee, Rambo… even Ash from Evil Dead. So far, though, Series Two is the clear winner with zombified lampooning of Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Indiana Jones and Andre the Giant!

The sculpting detail on these things are amazing as well – I couldn’t help but let my inner strange kid run wild in Toys”R”Us looking for as many packs as my hands could carry to the register with my self-respect intact. Once I tore through the packaging I couldn’t help but pour over every detail of my horrific haul and, with 100 figures planned (Series 4 is due in October!), I have high hopes there will be many more moments of happiness coming to store shelves soon.

SLUG Zombies - Minifigs

Written by Rondal

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