Monday Morning Videomania #4: Marvel Disassembles, Batman Goes Retro and Rollerball


The Marvel Universe Gets ‘Disassembled’

First up this morning is Junaid Chundrigar‘s animated spoof on the entire Marvel Comics universe. Proving that everyone, hero and villain alike, really do have their good days and their bad ones this animated parody features some pretty funny moments AND it was even given the thumbs up by Stan Lee! If it’s good enough for Stan, it’s good enough for me – EXCELSIOR!

1960’s Batman Opening Meets Modern Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight gets a bit of an old school revamp in this retro-style animated opening sequence. Using the music and art style from the old cartoon along with character designs and costumes from Nolan’s trilogy of films, Artist/Producer David Rose has created a nearly perfect scene-by-scene recreation of the 60s Batman TV series opening. ZOK!

Justice – New Lands (Official Music Video)

In the only non-comic video for today, the music video for Justice’s single New Lands earned a spot on the list not because of the music (though it’s not terrible), but because of it’s well-executed homage to the film Rollerball… with a mix of football and lacrosse tossed in as well. There’s glowing orbs, unnecessary violence and a clear 80s vibe going on that definitely make it a worthy addition to the Videomania playlist.

Written by Rondal

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