Titmouse Animation Studio and Director Mike Judge Team Up for ‘Robo Redneck’

Robo Redneck - Mike Judge

I’ll be honest, I’m not really a big fan on Country music or even Southern Rock. I am a fan, however, of kick-ass animation and the twisted mind of Beavis & Butt-head creator, Mike Judge. Toss all of those things together and you have something that peeks my attention, despite a lack on interest in the music.

That’s exactly what happened with the Zac Brown Band’s latest music video “The Wind” (no fart jokes, please), which finds the aforementioned Judge joining forces with the crazy-as-hell animation crew at Titmouse (Metalacolypse, Superjail!). It’s a banjo-twanging good time… you could even say it’s a real “poot!” (See what I did there? It’s a “poot” instead of “hoot.” Ah, priceless potty humor.)

Written by Rondal

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  • Ben Furse

    What a great video… Reminds me of a friend of mine who told me when he was being put under by the anesthetist for an operation the last thing he heard was the surgeon say “We can rebuild him… We have the technology” Nice to know there are some scalpel wielding comedians left in this world.