The Happy Undertaker Mysteries Episode 54

A Happy Undertaker children’s book that will have a longer episode in the future.

The Happy Undertaker Mysteries is a webcomic by artist Drazen Kozjan who has illustrated several children’s books including Diary of a Fairy Godmother and the upcoming Working Mummies.

For more information on The Happy Undertaker or its creator, Drazen Kozjan, be sure to check out the official Happy Undertaker blog in addition to his his personal blog, Hypnotik Eye.

Written by Drazen Kozjan

Drazen Kozjan, appreciates the finer things in life such as comics, rock ‘n’ roll, horror movies and phantasmagoric fiction from his home in Toronto where he resides with his wife Alison, Igor the cat and Lucky the bunny. He has illustrated several children's books including Diary of a Fairy Godmother for Hyperion, The Julia Gillian Series for Scholastic and Oh How Sylvester Can Pester! for Simon and Schuster coming out this spring.
Doing The Happy Undertaker Mysteries make him happy, he hopes they make you happy too.

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  • Sorry to hear that a children’s book is a no-go, D. Your style would have made for a perfectly macabre tale.

    On that note, it’s great to see you back here at the clubhouse! 😀

  • Hey I never said a kids book was a no go..its just falls within the Happy Undertaker world (or at least the cover does) 🙂 Its actually all roughed out as wordless picture book but finishing it could take some time.

    • Haha… oh, ok. Gotcha. That’s great news!

  • I delayed posting a couple of episodes as I thought I’d flesh it out more but they’ll have to be like this for now. THank Rondal!