The Rube’ Review: Vampyre Hearse – Lego ‘Monster Fighters’ Series

Lego Monster Fighters

Lego Vampyre HearseI usually don’t do reviews on new toys but I just couldn’t pass this one up. I originally heard about this Lego series about a month ago and thought that they would ship around October. To my surprise, while I was looking through the toy aisles at my local Target, I came across a new collection of Lego Monster Fighters Figure Kits and even though I desperately NEED the Swamp Creature Kit (it goes with my Creature From The Black Lagoon collection) it’s not out yet. So, I decided to go with something just as cool… a Vampyre Hearse. It took The Rube about 3 hours to build and I have no clue whether 314 pieces in 3 hours for a 37 year old is a good time or not, but it was tons of fun and really that’s all that matters.

This specific Lego kit comes in 2 bags with instructions. You start with Bag 1, which is a good thing since I can only imagine the nightmare if you had to start with just one bag of a bazillion pieces; some of which are no bigger than a grain of rice. The Ikea-like picture instructions are very clear for any age. Some of the illustrations are even comical, especially page 54 (Step 48) demonstrating the Vampyre Coffin Catapult… I almost want it on a shirt.

The first thing that you build are your little Lego guys: a Vampyre, a Zombie Chauffeur and a Steampunk Adventurer with a Rocket Motorcycle. Now, you’re going to ask, “Well how do you know that he’s all Steampunk?” Well, I think the little guy’s robot leg is a dead giveaway – DUH! He also comes with a fencing sword, a couple of guns, DYNAMITE (pretty cool huh?!) and that’s before you even start building the Hearse. Well, at least now you have Lego guys cheering you on as you build… or was that just in my head?

Overall, this kit was a blast to build. My favorite thing about The Vampyre Hearse was building the spooky engine with bone carburetors and red bat flame, which I thought was a flame coming out of the radiator cap. Turns out it’s one of the lost “Moonstones” which, if all placed at the top of Vampyre Castle (sold separately), will shroud the world in darkness forever.

I guess that’s where the Steampunk Monster Fighters come in. So, who will win? Honestly the Rube doesn’t care, he just wants to build the remaining Monster Fighters sets! The only thing that I didn’t care for is the big glow-in-the-dark sticker that you have to put on the top of the Hearse. For a beginner, it might be a pain to put a sticker that large on a toy without any air bubbles. I did mine ok but I have a sticker corner that just won’t stay down (may have to do a touch up with glue). Also, it could use some big monster truck wheels for the back and a AAA battery “scary light” kit.

As a monster toy guy I really would recommend this kit to anyone. It’s at a good price with enough pieces to keep you interested but not overwhelmed. The Vampyre Hearse (#9464) retails for about $35 while the other seven sets vary from The Swamp Creature ($7) to the Vampyre Castle ($100). This is definitely something fun to do on a rainy day or while you watch your favorite monster movie… just make sure that your cat or dog isn’t in the room to eat any Legos that accidentally land on the floor.

Main Photo © 2012 by Philip Elberling

Written by The Rube

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