80s Sex Comedies Make a Comeback this August in ‘Summer Camp! The Musical’

Summer Camp - The Musical

In the grand tradition of 80s teen comedies chock full of sex and summer camps like Oddballs, GORP and Wet Hot American Summer comes… Summer Camp! The Musical. Set in the Summer of 1982, Summer Camp! The Musical takes place at the rustic Camp Tigglebitties where “ubernerds Nolan and Dwight vow to lose their virginity to the gorgeous Lacey St. Claire… at the possible expense of their friendship.”

According to the musical’s IndieGoGo page, co-creators Troy Heard and Angela Chan scripted the show over the course of eight weeks and plan on making it an interactive musical with parts where the audiences will get to “act” alongside the cast including a “climactic volleyball game” during the finale set to a musical number.

The show is scheduled to premiere at the Onyx Theater in Las Vegas this August, but before they get there Heard and Chan are seeking funds to help turn it from a shoestring $5.00 production to a high class $5000 affair. Either way, this thing seems like this thing is happening, to which I can only say – hell yeah, let’s all go swimming and get laid! Just watch out for guys in hockey masks… or anyone with knives for hands… garden shears… on second thought, let’s just go to Las Vegas.

Written by Rondal

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