Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual Will Turn You into a Hardcore Grunt (Book Review)

Aliens - Colonial Marines Tech Manual

Assholes and elbows, grunts… school’s in session at the clubhouse! Fellow Aliens fans will be pleased to know the long since out of print Aliens: Colonial Marines Tech Manual is back, just in time for the release of Prometheus.

Originally released back in 1995, the book’s been somewhat of a collector’s item and a fan favorite since going out of print. While not terribly expensive, the OOP original could get pretty high in price for a book. Thankfully, that’s no longer a problem since Titan Books has fit to reprint this glorious text once more for all to see. This isn’t just a kickass companion piece either, this book will turn you into a hardcore, bug stomping, Space Marine! Hoo-rah!

The Manual is just that, a manual, albeit a very in depth one for a fictional organization. It reads and feels like an actual military handbook, only, you know… interesting. The book covers it all from the range of weaponry employed by the Marines to their technology, terminology, battle tactics and various modes of transport… no stone is left unturned. When I say this is in depth, I mean this thing is in depth. You can even learn the proper way to operate a rocket launcher or how to give specs to a USCMC starship.

Aliens - Colonial Marines

It’s not all words, though, the book comes packed with schematics, diagrams and even photos from the movie; it’s really fan service at it’s purest form. Author and board game designer, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, did his research, really fleshing out the world Hicks and his crew inhabit. The only downside is the content can be a bit dry. The book pretty much focuses on the marines, which makes sense given the title, but only the last chapter is dedicated to the Aliens themselves so casual fans might be a bit disappointed in that aspect.

After finally being able to get my hands on a copy I can see why this was such a sought after item – I can’t recommend it enough! Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual is perfect for the hardcore fans out there who want to know even more about the Aliens universe. I could really go on and on, but I think I’ll just let Hudson take over from here, he sums it up pretty nicely:

What are you waiting for… breakfast in bed? Go pick this book up, grunt!

Written by Joe Hasson

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