Slash ‘n Grab Giveaway – Win a Copy “The Slasher Movie Book” by J.A. Kerswell

The Slasher Movie Book

This weekend may not be Halloween, Thanksgiving or even Christmas, but we’ve got plenty to be thankful for courtesy of indie book publisher Chicago Review Press and author J.A. Kerswell in the form of THE SLASHER MOVIE BOOK, a 208 page tome of terror dedicated solely to the slasher horror subgenre from it’s bloody beginnings all the way through 2011.

First released in the UK as Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut (2010), this new edition brings back every vividly colorful photo still and movie poster (both foreign and domestic) that appeared in the original with a few updates to boot. Alongside this imagery Kerswell provides a surprisingly in-depth retrospective of the subgenre, covering an even more impressive list of films (my personal favorite being the “Campy and Creepy” section), that culminate in a series of fun micro-reviews, a Top 10 Body Counts list and more – there’s even a Glossary for those new to slasher films!

Memorial Day Weekend Slash ‘n Grab Giveaway!

Simply answer the question below by leaving a comment along with a valid email address – that’s it! Two Grand Prize Winners will each receive a copy of the book sent straight to their doorstep. This contest ends next Monday, May 28th, so don’t wait! The winners will be announced by Tuesday, May 29th.

What movie is widely considered the earliest slasher film? (Hint: It’s not Psycho.)

Written by Rondal

Rondal is the Editor-in-Chief of Strange Kids Club and a creative instigator who tackles each day with Red Bull-induced enthusiasm and a mind for adventure. Rondal has written for other sites including Rue Morgue, Fuel Your Illustration and Bloodsprayer. His obsession with horror movies, 80s animation and action figures is considered unhealthy by medical professionals.

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  • Francene

    Peeping Tom

  • Matthew Black

    Black Christmas

  • Jesse Walker


  • anthony

    Black Christmas!

  • Ray

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Raul

    Thirteen Women

  • Black Thirteen: Christmas Women

    • *haha* Covering your bases there, SV? 😉

      • haha! seeing how i’ve won a contest already i figured i would give someone else a chance to win….and a bit of a hint, haha

  • Lisa Young

    Thirteen Women.

  • Mandy O

    Black Christmas! And also a Canadian movie! Go Canada!

  • Thirteen Women (1932)

  • Jody Webster

    Black Christmas

  • Black Christmas gets the honors…

  • Black Christmas

  • Jeremy

    Peeping Tom

  • Thirteen Women if you’re going for pre- splatter and giallo films.

  • Keith is a Cult

    Ahoy! Let’s go with 1927’s silent film The Cat and the Canary! An entire family is trapped inside a castle stalked by a mysterious figure and shares living quarters with an escaped lunatic known only as THE CAT!

    Widely? How about DEFINITIVE! My air of superiority commands the future and seals the outcome of this contest.

  • Blood and Black Lace, Mario Bava

  • Or Twitch of the Death Nerve, also by Bava.

  • Acacia carter

    thirteen women

  • Cortney Akana

    How is this even fair when all you have to do is google “considered the earliest slasher film” to get the answer? It’s not about who knows the answer, which I don’t doubt some do, but it’s who can google and post it the fastest.

    Honestly I didn’t know the answer so I googled it, and Thirteen Women was the first result.

    • While I respect your opinion Cortney if you don’t think the way we run the contest is fair you’re certainly not obligated to enter. The point is to have fun, test some slasher-fan knowledge and for two people to walk away with free stuff… except for you… because you’re disqualified.

      See? It’s all fair now.

      • DynamiteWalrus

        No Fair!!! You how come she gets to be disqualified? 🙁 I WANNA BE TOOO!!! ….(its like winning, but in reverse!)

  • Well, Thirteen Women may be the Google accepted answer, and The Cat and the Canary could be a contender, but my money goes for M, starring Peter Lorre as a serial murderer of children. Most of our generation have no clue who Peter Lorre is, but if you’ve seen Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, the worm was modeled after him. Spidery bangs, gapped front teeth, sallow eyes…and..heh…that…clipped nervous laughter…heh heh…and weird voice…heh…kinda sounded like Ren Hoek, if he were a middle aged lunatic and not a chihauaha. Also showed up in some random Looney Tunes shorts. SPOOKY!

    • Ha! He does sound like Ren… or rather Ren sounds like him. I think he was in one of the classic Bond films too, but I’ll always remember Lorre best from The Maltese Falcon. Great film. 🙂

  • Sorry for the double post lol even if that’s not even remotely correct, wanted to add – every time he’d snatch a kid he’d buy them a balloon. Just reminded me of Stephen King’s It. Even if I’m not remotely correct, just wanted to share lol

  • Black Christmas

  • *°•ƸӜƷ Louis ƸӜƷ•°*

    Black Christmas

  • really_rather_not_nice

    Black Christmas… I cut out your heart,
    And the very next day, I ate it flambe…
    This year, I’ll stir up some fear,
    And wear you ’round as a flesh-suit.

  • Grey

    That would be Peeping Tom!!

  • 2fuffy2fail

    Black Christmas

  • Jason

    Thirteen Women!

  • Ryan

    Black Christmas

  • Chris Blair

    Peeping Tom

  • Brandon Bennett

    I always considered And Then There Were None from ’45 to be the first. It’s kind of subjective I guess. Black Christmas is normally accepted as the first in the genre, or at least the first to be deemed a Slasher.

  • Ryan Newman

    Black Christmas

  • Brenden

    Black Christmas. Anyone that says otherwise is a wuss.

  • really_rather_not_nice

    The problem is a lot of folks on here are confusing Slasher movies with Mystery movies or Suspense movies. Murders, even if they are serial in nature, do not a “slasher” movie make.

    Movies like Thirteen Women, Peeping Tom, Psycho, Dementia 13, and even 12 Little Indians are all sort of descendants of the Slasher film, much like neanderthals are descendants of humans. They have a lot of similar features, but lack all the vital characteristics that define the term.

    • really_rather_not_nice

      Ancestors, not descendents. Sorry.

  • DynamiteWalrus


  • Rondal

    Alright! We got TONS of great responses and we definitely appreciate each and every entry to our first ever Slash ‘n Grab Giveaway! The answer we were looking for here was BLACK CHRISTMAS which takes the honor as the most widely accepted original slasher.

    That said, congratulations to our two Grand Prize Winners…


  • gordon

    peeping tom