Listen to The Rube’s Plee: Go see The Cabin in the Woods Now!

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods - Mondo posterI know that it’s been out for over a month now, but I want you guys to take a break from watching The Avengers for the seventeenth time and go see The Cabin in the Woods. Why? Well, not to spoil too much about the movie, but you’ll have to understand one thing: The Cabin in the Woods is not a teenage slasher movie, it’s a MONSTER MOVIE! Yes, a MONSTER MOVIE with a F*CK’N SHITLOAD OF MONSTERS!

I won’t tell you how or when they show up, but there’s a good mix of over 20 different monsters in this film, mostly done with practical special effects and puppetry. Yeah, you can wait for the DVD to come out, but trust me, if you’re bored and need take a break from watching that “other summer blockbuster,” don’t spend your hard earned money on The Dictator (SLAP! What’s wrong with you?!?!) and go see The Cabin in the Woods instead. You’ll thank me for it!


retro coin A shitload of monsters.
retro coin It’s only 95 Minutes long.
retro coin It stars that hammer guy from The Avengers movie and it’s co-written by some other Avengers guy.
retro coin It’s been out for a bit so you should be able to catch a showing at a bargain theater.
retro coin There’s nudity and violence.
retro coin Movie theaters have air conditioning.
retro coin Oh did I forget to mention there’s a SHITLOAD OF MONSTERS IN IT?


retro coin No HULK SMASH!!! But, there’s tons of gore to make up for it.

Written by The Rube

The Rube is co-owner of Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade & Museum in Minneapolis, MN. He is also a Special Effects Artist, Master Chef, and Multiple Threadless Design Winner. Other than writing reviews and doodling, he enjoys watching bad movies, building monster model kits, and collecting games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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