Avengers Assemble! Week – The Top 5 Fanmade ‘Marvels’

With the Avengers opening today in the U.S. I thought it’d be a good time to get caught up on all things Marvel. I ran through Iron Man 1&2, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America…then turned my attention to X-Men, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, and even Daredevil. After all that… I still wasn’t satisfied… so I did the one thing any (ir)rational human would. I went to youtube. With my Galactus like appetite unsatiated I turned to the fan community, which in itself was a risky prospect. You see fanfilms tend to have a stigma to them as being… well… bad. I don’t believe that… anything’s possible in the hands of the right cast and crew, and while It’s true I did stumble over some really, really, awful shorts… I also found some gems. Today’s countdown I’ll be listing what I felt were some of the best of the best of these.

#5 Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

Alright… so this one’s a bit of a cheat. The movie isn’t actually out yet… but c’mon, did you see the trailer?! You can’t tell me it doesn’t look ten different shades of awesome. It’s looks extremely well made, the costume and props look spot-on, and it’s freaking Deadpool. Automatic win. Suffice to say I’ll be following this one closely.

#4 Luke Cage

From what I’m to understand, this was a promo piece filmed with Isaiah Mustafa (better known as the Old Spice guy) in order to generate interest in casting him as a potential Luke Cage. That said I thought the short looked great, and Isaiah made for a pretty good Power Man. I wouldn’t mind seeing a live action movie like this.

#3 Viva Spider-Man

Not only is this a Spider-Man fan film… it’s a Spider-Man fan film from 1989. Wrap your head around that one. Oh it gets better… the creator of the short, Jim Krieg, went on to become an animator for the 90’s Spidey cartoon. Is your mind blown yet? I thought so.

#2 Marvel Zombies

Ohhhhh yes. Just YES. For a while though this trailer had been pulled from youtube once Marvel’s legal team caught wind. Why do I bring this up? Because had it not been for that, we might be looking at a full short right now instead of just a taste.  Ah… what might’ve been.

#1 Captain America: Fighting Avenger

Probably my favorite on the list. Indy Mogul did this one back right before First Avenger came out, and man… is it impressive. It’s a damn fine example of what you can pull off with a little creativity and a lot of determination. Be sure to check their videos for some behind the scenes looks and tutorials on how they bult all of the props… including Cap’s shield and the flamethrower.

Have a cool “Marvel” of your own that didn’t make the list? Share it in the comments below!

Written by Joe Hasson

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