“What Makes You a Strange Kid?” #11 featuring Mandy Osipenko

Little Girl Geek

My name is Mandy and I am totally a strange kid. My friend tells me so on a daily basis. I have always been into weird and bizarre things. I have a fascination with anything odd or “out there.” I am a big fan of crypto-zoology, anything paranromal and I also love Domos. I am obsessed with the word “POOP,” but just the word. Whenever I am out shopping I will notice the most random toys and have to buy them. Once I found a sheep in the dollar store with it’s face sewn on upside down and I kick myself for not buying. My passion for odd things has recently moved on to hats. I enjoy animal hats (see photo of my fave Panda hat). And at my old job I became known for my weird outfits. I would even show up to work wearing my Halloween dog collar, and no one said anything because they were so used to it from me.

From there my fondness for weird things moved on to plush toys. I found several cool ones online I liked, and thought “I could make that!” and so I did. I started making my own bunnies. My main one is the White Rabbit (see photo) and since my fave story is Alice in Wonderland I decided to make a bunny honoring it. I have several others as well, such as a zombie and pirate, and have taken commissions for people. I have a site for them called Dust Bunny Land where I showcase them.

I have other endeavours at the moment as well. One being archery and another being my blog at Little Geek Lost where I explore my inner geek side. I am definately a strange kid.

Written by Rondal

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