ANIRIGHTS’ Short ‘Bad Eggs’ Teaches a Traumatic Moral Lesson

Bad Egg

Telling moral stories like they should be told… traumatic!

Bad Egg, by defunct animation studio ANIRIGHTS, is a simple, effective piece of animation directed by Vikram Veturi. The story centers around a small nest on an islet with in which sits three eggs, one that is hatched and two that are not. A problem arises when the second bird is born: *spooky voice* an evil bird. The newborn chick wants all the food and to its horror finds that it has to share food with not only a brother, but possibly a third sibling. Once the mother goes to find food (in one of those classic creepy storms) the evil chick begins realizing that he doesn’t want any competition and decides to push its unborn sibling off the nest resulting in what is (in my opinion) the cruelest egg breaking ever.

Still not content with this diabolical deed, the evil chick also takes the chance to get rid of his older brother. Shortly afterwards the mother returns to the nest, landing on a nearby islet when she realizes two of her offspring are missing. Desperately she begins looking for them, her fear mounting at the sound of “hunters.” She tries to reach the nest, but is blown away right before she can arrive. The evil chick is then left alone on the islet, traumatized and contemplating its doom flying over its head that soon will come from the sky like a divine judgment.

The whole video ends by pointing out the moral of the story. Yep, this is one of those videos with enough quality and soul to tell something important. Best of all, it goes all out to convey that sharing is life and greed leads to a short and traumatic death. Now that’s a way kids can learn a lesson!

Written by Borja Chavarri

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