Printed Perversions: Marrowbones Issue #1

Eric Orchard - Marrowbones

Marrowbones Issue 1Dusting off yet another forgotten column today, we take a look into the dark, shadowy world of award-winning comic artist Eric Orchard‘s latest comic, MARROWBONES. Full of colorfully monochrome characters, the first issue of this new series is a heartwarmingly haunted tale of friendship that’s chock full of fiends, spooks and all manner of assorted bogeymen.

The story begins by introducing us to Nora, a fellow strange kid who was orphaned by her parents only to be rescued by her estranged uncle Barnaby Ravensbeard… who happens to be a werewolf. In fact, the world into which Barnaby brings Nora to live in – called Marrowbones Swamp – is full of otherworldly creatures; there’s everything from zombies and ghosts to vampires and ancient, evil wizards roaming about. Luckily, Nora is quick to make friends and finds her uncle’s Ravensbeard Inn the home she was always meant to have.

Marrowbones Preview

Still, as this issue demonstrates, there are certain beasties that cause more trouble than good and much of Marrowbones #1 finds Nora and her friends Mrs. Strumm; a mysterious spirit that haunts the Inn, and Ollie; a wuss of a vampire who feeds on bug blood, “battling” a Lich who takes over the Ravensbeard kitchen. Overall it’s a fun introduction, narrated by the skeletal Librarian who proves to be a most humorous guide (especially with that polka-dotted bowtie of his!).

Orchard is currently offering the 47-page first issue on his site for only two bucks – a real steal for such a well-written story. If you’ve got the money and enjoy books like Lenore or Rip M.D. I highly recommend this read!

Highly Recommended!

Written by Rondal

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