A Blast from the Past – Battle Beasts are Making a Comeback this July!

Don’t call it a comeback… on second thought, maybe you should because BATTLE BEASTS are back!

You might remember that we covered Hasbro’s Battle Beasts as part of our Time Machine Toychest series (if not be sure to check it out!). In short, Battle Beasts were a series of small action figures with “powers” that represented natural elements. They were sort of like the original Pokemon, only WAY more kick-ass. Their small stature made them easy to carry around, much like Monsters in My Pocket, and each figure had their own signature look and “personality.” It was pretty cool concept overall – they even crossed over into an episode of Transformers (Rebellion on Planet Beast – a must see)!

Now, IDW and MiniMates are apparently teaming up to revive the franchise with a comic miniseries and toy line – both of which are featured on the new Battle Beasts website. While the comic, subtitled Infernal Machinery, shows some promise the promo toys shown so far are… well, less impressive. Both are set to premiere this July.

Battle Beasts - Ram Prototype

Battle Beasts - Ram Promo

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Written by Rondal

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  • really_rather_not_nice

    Not really impressed with the new concept as a whole at all. Gone are the technological battle-suits, which were half the cool. Armored barbarians with primitive trappings aren’t really as dynamic or interesting to me. What about Ossified Orangutan’s robotic arm? Deer Stalker’s drill? Pew-Trid Skunk’s gas mask? Killer Koala’s robotic ear? Ferocious Tiger’s shoulder gun array?

    A ton of the character have bionic arms (hammers, hooks, claws, etc.) or guns of some form, and that seems completely lost in the new concept. The crazy tech mixed with everything from savage big cats and predators… to ridiculous rabbits and mice… with eye-bleedingly bright color schemes and the paper-rock-scissors battle format were what made the line so special to me as a kid. This line from mini-mates has almost 0 nostalgia factor for me.

    • You’re exactly right, they do seem to be missing the point of this reboot which were the interesting characters. They (the new toys) basically look like a bunch of MiniMates animals in fancy armor. 🙁