On the Shelves: DVD Releases for Apr 10, 2012

Logan's Run on DVD

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week.

A Trip to the Moon
A Trip to the Moon Restored Edition – One of George Melies early masterpieces. From 1902. Much of this film was considered lost until one surviving copy was found in Spain in the late ’90s. However the film was almost completely decomposed. Three film archivists set about an 11 year project of restoring the seminal sci-fi film back to its original state. This Blu-Ray is the result. I can’t wait to watch the restoration of this 14 minute movie that is considered the first sci-fi film. I bet the extras are amazing. Hopefully they detail the restoration process. Melies and this film figure prominently into the plot of the recent Hugo movie.

Darkest Hour
The Darkest Hour – I’ve started seeing ads for this all over the television. I’d never heard of it. It sounds like it could be really good or a giant pile of sh*t.

Dark Shadows Complete Series
Dark Shadows The Complete Series – Every episode of the original gothic soap opera from 1966 contained in a box that looks like a coffin. This is pretty great presentation.  It would almost get me to watch the show.  Almost.

Thou Shall Not Kill...Except
Thou Shall Not Kill…Except – What?! How have I not heard about this?  From 1985.  It stars Ted and Sam Raimi about a Vietnam vet that returns home from the war after being shot to discover that his wife was kidnapped by a religious cult. So he recruits some of his military buddies into a death squad to go get her back.  This sounds amazing.

Witches of Oz
The Witches of Oz – Checking the Internets, this seems to be a TV mini-series from 2011.  Sort of a “re-imagining” of Wizard of Oz similar to SyFy’s Tin Man.  As you should know, over on my blog I’ve been on an Oz kick lately. I’m slowly making my way through the original 14 L Frank Baum Oz books.  But I’m also looking at some of the other “adaptations” of the books.  Like movies and TV shows.  I don’t know how this one slipped passed me.  Of course, I’ll be watching it.

Logan's Run
Logan’s Run: The Complete Series – Woh. There was a TV series based on the movie? I had no idea.

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