Weird World Of Webcomics: Adrian vom Baur’s ‘HIPSTERS’

Hipsters Webcomic

Ever get annoyed by those guys in skinny jeans with over-sized eye-glasses who only pretend to appreciate Dungeons & Dragons because they think it’s ironic? Or those cute girls in flannel who ignore you at the bar because they’re too busy taking lomographic pictures on their iPhones? Well, Adrian vom Baur has a novel idea for you – feed the hipsters to the dinosaurs!

Vom Baur’s HIPSTERS is a cleverly written critique on “hipster culture” featuring young, urban adults who, in their quest for new trends and obscure bands, encounter not only the aforementioned dinosaurs but vampires, zombies, mutants, and all other types of crazy monsters. You would think that this kind of comic strip could easily fall into mean-spiritedness, but vom Baur keeps his storylines light-hearted, making his punchline jabs more silly than serious. This is not to say that the comic is G-rated. In fact, vom Baur’s colorful and cartoonish art displays his dark wit, and often includes scenes of dismemberment and disemboweling.

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It’s fun to read how typically aloof and disinterested hipsters react to otherworldly and supernatural phenomenon. In the most recent storyline, vom Baur has his characters get trapped in the pre-historic age via a time-warp created by an advanced race of future humans. It will be exciting to see where vom Baur will take his hipsters next (assuming at least some of them survive the dinosaur age!).

HIPSTERS updates weekly and can be read at

Written by Will Penny

Will Penny hails from the cornfields of Iowa, but calls the sunny beaches of Southern California his home these days. When he’s not out surfing you can probably catch him at a local coffee shop doodling away at another creepy picture for his webcomic Sex and Monsters.

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