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‘Congress’ Declares that Eagles are Nature’s Jerkwads

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March 28, 2012


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‘Congress’ Declares that Eagles are Nature’s Jerkwads

What I’m about to show you might inadvertently trigger photosensitive seizures, but for those “tough enough” to handle the frantic, fast-paced POV you’ll be rewarded with an entertaining music video about sloths being terrorized by eagles. Yeah, that’s right. Eagles are nature’s bullies… picking on all those sloths, man. Educate yourself.

The premise of the video sounds about as weird as it really is and that’s what makes “Evil Eagle” by Congress of the Sloth so much freaking fun. With assistance from the puppet/effects team called Chaos Creatures, Congress of the Sloth’s latest video hits the right amount of Tim and Eric-style insanity without becoming annoying.

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