Ex-Disney CEO Looking to Bring Garbage Pail Kids Back to the Big Screen

Garbage Pail Kids Remake

I honestly don’t know whether to jump for joy or run screaming in sheer terror at the recent announcement that everyone’s favorite gross-out gag characters, GARBAGE PAIL KIDS, is being re-developed as a feature film. As reported by Deadline.com, the proposed reboot is being financed and produced by The Tornante Company (owned by former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner) – who acquired Topps back in 2007 – with a script by Michael Vukadinovich and PES (Adam Pesapane) slated as director.

While the original GPK movie from 1987 remains one of the worst things ever dedicated to celluloid, PES’s portfolio of stop motion short films brings a shining spot of hope that maybe something cool could be done for this new production.

Written by Rondal

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  • This could go either way…but color me optimistic.

    ….I also, shamefully, admit…..i like the 80’s movie. *winces*

  • GPKs were just all around gnarly. The movie was super cheese but at 8 years old it was just awesome to see them on screen in live action. The cartoon was fun for me too back then. Its a limited license now days though and my teenager didn’t know much about them till I purchased a box of them a couple months back at a garage sale. One can hope.

  • leehardcastle

    WELL excited by this news, it’s so random – you’ve got PES directing?! Holy shit, that’s the hugest, biggest, most incrediblest bit of newsest i ever heard!

    I love the original film too! So nostaglic, i can understand why everyone calls it a shitty film but can’t understand why it’s hated so much! Damn, it’s a god damn classic!!! I caught the film at a perfect ripe age, I vandalised a million school text books through out my early education by drawing musical notes coming out of people’s butts from watching this gem… it’s a one of a kind!!

    I was actually too young for the cards, being born in 85.
    My generation had TRASH CAN TROLLS. I think they’re better.

    • Rondal

      Dude! I’m so glad you mentioned Trash Can Trolls! We totally need to do a piece on that here ass-ap.

  • Hugh

    GPK’s… the fact that Dollar Tree has them now is the reason I can be found at 2-3 of their stores daily. Please GOD let there be a chick named ‘Tangerine’ in this remake/reboot/re-imagining!