Check out the Sexy New Superheroine Cast of ‘My Little Pony’

Sexy My Little Pony Fanart

Sexy. Superheroines. My Little Pony. What else is there to say, really?

Illustrator Oscar Vega has boldly taken the cast of My Little Pony (Friendship Is Magic?) where they’ve never gone before and transformed them into voluptuous, Art Nouveau-inspired pin-up girls. Somewhere “bad girl artist” J. Scott Campbell is smiling.

Twilight Sparkle - My Little Pony

Fluttershy - My Little Pony

Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony

Rarity - My Little Pony

Applejack - My Little Pony

Rainbow Dash - My Little Pony

via The UniBlog

Written by Strange Kid

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  • LaDracul

    Those are pretty amazing (I love Alphonse Mucha) and I would like to see “Monster High” done in that style…

    But as far as MLP gejinka goes, this is my personal favorite-

    • Rondal

      Bridesmaids? That right there is awesome.

  • Jarryd

    Soooo shiny…well if we are going to be throwing around favourite MLP gijinka then mine goes hands down to Kelly Turnbull, author of ‘Manly Guys Doing Manly Things’

  • gracie

    oh gosh, these are absolutely amazing. <33333

  • arglebargle

    gosh, but legs are hard to draw
    i know i’ll awkwardly amputate them

    i’m an artist

  • TheBrigeedaRocks

    As much as I like the art-style, I really don’t think half of these characters would be caught dead wearing what they’re wearing. Specifically Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Applejack. In order, they are too practical thinking, too shy, and too much of a seriously hard worker to ever even think of wearing outfits so skimpy.

    I feel like the least that could have been done was to consider their personalities before just saying “LOL THEY ARE JUST TALKING BOOBS LET’S SHOW OFF THEIR CLEAVAGE AND BUTTS” for their designs.

    • Colette

      THANK YOU. That was exactly what I was thinking! Though the art is well done, it seems more like fanservice that happens to use MLP than fanart that is actually trying to convey the characters and their personalities.

      • TheBrigeedaRocks

        It makes me want to come up with costumes for them now.

        Though, ironically, the Rarity one seems to suit her just fine. Fashion over practicality seems like something she’d make for a costume.

        • Colette

          Do it! Hmm, true. I would think she would go for a just little bit more of the classy look, leaving more to the imagination to put it crudely, but that’s my opinion.

          I also just noticed Rainbows extremely tight wedgie there, poor Rainbow.

    • Stripems

      Agreed! And half of it doesn’t even make sense. Rainbow Dash’s incrediwedgie, for example. Try running with that rubbing up in your butt.

    • The_L

      If it weren’t for the color schemes and character names at the bottom of each pic, I wouldn’t even know that this was My Little Pony. And I’m a hardcore brony.

      The artist did a great job of drawing sexy pinups, but a lousy job of getting across character personalities. This looks like the same generic sexy superheroine wearing different wigs and outfits, not 6 different characters with 6 different personalities. Pinkie Pie is the only one that even comes close to portraying the right personality, and she still comes off more as Harley Quinn’s destructive “jokes” than Pinkie Pie’s wholesome “I want to make you SMILE!” personality.

  • Lea

    A bit more diversity and these would have perfect but very nicely done.

  • Lea

    A bit more diversity and these would have been perfect but very nicely done.

  • Quco

    Well, at least you went with the common “superheroines are Hookers” concpept, props for keeping to the theme….

  • Dustin

    Yeah, this doesn’t make much sense. Like the others said, this was pretty much an excuse to put tits and ass on characters (ponies, no less), who act as role models for young girls. They’re all white, they have fantastic assets, and their costumes do absolutely little justice to the values of the original character.

    But the artist got the trope right. It’s too bad they couldn’t be more original and step out of their comfort zone. It’s pretty art, anyway.

  • Golly Jolly

    Props to actually giving their waists room for organs, but I think the artist missed the mark of “superheroine” and bludgeoned “stripper in multiple superhero-themed stripper outfits” with an 18-inch serrated blade. Way to whitewash, way to sexwash. There’s more to “sexy” than skinny white girls with big lips and perky titties (even though I happen to be one).
    On another negative note, that Rainbow Dash costume is just…what happened? Someone below mentioned a wedgie. Ow. Ow. OWWW try running in that, honey!

    • Quco

      My dear, that is sadly what superheroines are today. Girls in stripper outfits just there for a tits and ass. Though i do agree that it is FANTASTIC that these girls actually have organs, one thimbs up, 9 down (of course i have that manu thumbs, silly)

  • Auras

    Well, I can see how Fluttershy’s outfit would work if she was a greek goddess of nature who didn’t show herself to mortals very often. But she’s not. She’s a super hero. Since that means exposing yourself to people often, I can’t see her dressed like that.
    But that’s just how I feel.

  • Romanticide

    The artist is not bad but I agree with everybody that said it looks just like a excuse to draw scantily clad women with only few characteristics of the original…

  • Pinkie Pie is right on the money, Rarity isn’t too far off, but the rest? Twilight should be dressed more in line with Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate, not Traci 13. Rainbow needs something more form fitting, less… buttfitting. Applejack would dress to be practical; the only thing in character here is her hat. And Fluttershy… really would be dressing much more covering than that. Like I expect Fluttershy to be very Civvie Spandex. And afraid to do much. She’s so quiet that she talks down people in the calmest, meekest tone of voice ever.

    So… Pinkie Pie gets a 4.5/5, Rarity a 4/5, Rainbow is 3/5, And Twilight and Fluttershy are going to be a 1/5.

  • ceepolk


    Too much Male gaze, not enough clothes, zero characterization.

  • Alealia

    I agree with most people here.

    Copy and pasted body with little thought to the actual characters.

    You get high marks for ‘pretty’ art, but apsolutely no marks for concept, thought, imagination or creativity.

  • RiRi Now THAT is how My Little Pony should look. I don’t understand why you would sexualize, and quite honestly, objectify, MLP like that. It’s disgusting. Women aren’t here to be treated like sex dolls. Not to mention you just turned a show about female confidence and individuality into a disgusting and perverted comic book.

    • Tix

      For a minute there I thought that was a tarot card, and I really wanted the deck. And I don’t even read tarot. What a difference between this and the OP.

  • As retaliation, or just as a foil for this post(or just because I think it would be awesome to see), can I please have someone draw the Transformers as humans, done in the style of Tom of Finland, please? Someone on DeviantArt….get on that, will yah?

  • Squidmilimeter

    Awesome. Pure pony awesome. I want all of them as posters to hang on things.

  • Rain

    How bout you people stop being such hard-asses, because I love these pics! They’re superheroines, and you should expect that they’d be dressed in skimpy clothes cause that’s how most comic book women dress! That aside, I think the designs do suit the characters quite well. And I’m really pleased that Fluttershy wasn’t given bigger boobs than the others, because many people depict her that way and I don’t think it looks right at all.

    • Tanya

      And if I told you to throw a puppy off the Brooklyn Bridge just because “everyone else was doing it”, would you do it? Would it make it any less wrong, or immoral? No. Putting a female superhero in a skimpy costume “cause that’s how most comic book women dress” is in a similar vein. A costume should be indicative of who that character is, what environment they are working in, reflective of their personality. Slutting up a woman because you can is no excuse.

      • INK Spawn

        Get a life! (Getting all upset over how artist chooses to depict talking magical ponies), there are far more degrading and demeaning works of art from artists of both old and modern times- hanging in prestigious museums around the world.So stop getting upset over someone who has more talent than your dick-sucking ass.

  • Katie

    If you people didnt realize, the name of this page is the SEXY new super heroine cast of my little pony. I don’t get why you people are being hard on this artist because this is how all the super hero women dress in comic books. But don’t get me wrong, I am totally against depicting women as just pleasure dolls. But I could tell who the characters are. I don’t think the artist was trying to make their “powers” their personality. It was just a general depiction of them.

  • Scrounge

    Twilight looks like Raven after a trip to Victoria’s Secret… Which seems appropriate, and not just because they share a voice actress.

  • StarWarrior72

    GEEZ LOUISE WHAT HAPPENED TO RAINBOW DASH?! I thought she liked… Moving. Sports. That kinda stuff. But that WEDGIE?! I’ll be more impressed by her being able to get that out than any sonic rainboom.