Hail To The Nerd Queen: Spotlight On Artist Megan Lara

Megan Lara is a sickeningly talented artist. She’s also an unashamed nerd as well as a striking beauty. At only 23 she is already world renowned, revered by celebrities like Joss Whedon, and her work has seen much success. At any given time you can find her work being showcased on any number of shirt-a-day sites as well as on her own site and Redbubble store. She handles many different types of nerdery; video games, comic books, sci fi, and she’s always expanding her dork horizons.

Raised as a single child in a small town in Missouri, Lara always had artistic inclinations. She recalls the moment when she knew this would be her life, “My art teacher asked me (a lowly 1st grader) to come to the fifth grade class and show them how to draw a deer. I was terrified, but I did it anyway.  They were all so impressed with my deer. I felt so cool, and I knew I wanted to hold onto that feeling forever.” It wasn’t just being an only child that afforded her the luxury of pursuing her art, it was her parents unwavering support. Even from a young age they were always allowing her to explore her creative side. She grew up especially nerdified, immersing herself in Pokemon, going so far as to write a 40 page fanfic about Jessie and James from Team Rocket falling in love.

Over the past few years since really beginning her career she has been known for many standout pieces.  She cites her shirt “Ka-Tet of Nineteen” (Dark Tower inspired) and her “Firefly Les Femmes” prints as the most popular.

The latter helped bring about an especially vivid memory, “I received a call from the Quantum Mechanix team during SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), which was where my ‘Firefly Les Femmes’ posters debuted, letting me know that they’d sold out of my posters… and that Joss Whedon had stopped by the booth and “freaked out” about my posters. He loved them so much, he took the display set and then ordered another set for his office. Hearing that THE MAN WHO CREATED FIREFLY spazzed over my posters… mother of God.” While that was certainly a highlight Lara is developing something even more remarkable in terms of projects, “I can’t talk about it yet, but it made me pretty much cry and is the most awesome thing ever.   It’s a secret… for now.”

Most recently she saw a huge boom in her fanbase with the release of herCommunity based shirt for Teefury, “Dope Adventures,” and with a limitless palette of pop culture for her to draw on and with unlimited artistic potential it’s obvious that this is merely an introduction to what we’re going to see from her in the future. Make sure to keep up with Megan on her Facebook fan page, you’re not going to want to lose sight of her from here on out…

A few of Megan Lara’s most popular pieces:

Written by Kristy Jett

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