Doctor Octoroc Puts His Precision Skills to the Test with a 16-bit Tribute to Dr. Who

Doctor Octoroc - Dr. Who

Tributes and remixes can be so cool, especially if the guy who makes it is quite an expert in making great stuff with 8 and 16-bit graphics and music. I am talking than non other than DOCTOR OCTOROC!

Doctor Octoroc is famous for making rearranges of series as theoretical Nintendo games, most notably because of his adaptation of the famous Dr. Horrible Sing-Along into an 8-bit format. Although he typically uses a modded NES to transform songs into 8-bit music and graphics, he has also employed SEGA and SNES graphics and sounds to tune new songs and tributes to series, movies and even religion. Recently, he took a step into the sci-fi genre by giving us a reinvention of Dr. Who’s series intro. Its big, its cool, its retro… its 16 bit Dr. Who for crying out load!

Written by Borja Chavarri

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