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Holy Macaroni… Is That Strange Kid in 3D?!

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February 20, 2012


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Holy Macaroni… Is That Strange Kid in 3D?!

This weekend was full of surprises! On a personal note I was able to visit the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts (see Chase Woolner interview for background on that) which is hosting a Jim Henson exhibition – everything from Fraggle Rock to Dark Crystal and in between. I couldn’t touch anything (of course), but there’s no experience quite like sharing the same room with Dr. Teeth and the Swedish Chef while pouring over sketches for Dog City.

While that would have been a weekend-making moment by itself, I also received some mind-blowing artwork from Jose David Cifuentes Ulloa; an artist, animator and clubhouse friend who took it upon himself to render these incredible 3D models of Strange Kid… and he’s even been working on some animation tests! IN-SANELY AWESOME JOSE!

Strange Kid - Garbage Pail Kids

Strange Kid - Frankenberry

Strange Kid - Bat

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  • http://notchordamnatchoz.blogspot.com Andrew Barr

    Those are fantastic.

  • Debbie

    How cool is that??!! Love it – great work nephew!

    • Rondal

      Thanks! All the credit goes to Jose, though… he’s got them “mad” skills. :D

  • http://uramyx.com uramyx

    I applaud Jose! What a stellar job. Man, I seriously get over how amazing these are. Bravo!

  • http://izombielover.blogspot.com/ iZombie

    fan-freak-en-tastic… i think this is a word, well it should be…

  • http://buzzsawbravado.tumblr.com/ Joe Hasson


  • http://www.sexandmonsters.com WillPenny

    Very cool! Nice work!!

  • http://www.rqarcade.com The Rube

    Now I want an action figure!

  • http://www.tessamorrison.com Tessa

    I love him. Especially the attention to fine detail where he wrote on his sneakers with a pen! I used to do that in middle school and high school. I would write my friend’s phone numbers and draw on them.