Tell Tale Games Reveals New Details About ‘Walking Dead’ Video Game

The Walking Dead video game

Can’t get enough of The Walking Dead? It seems to be a title that lurks everywhere recently from television to online reports about lawsuits. There’s even been news on a video game being developed by Tell Tale Games (same studio behind Sam & Max and Tales from Monkey Island)! Released just this week, Tell Tale unveiled some brand new screenshots from the game – that look pretty freaking sweet – and even offered some details behind the game.

Most of the juicy bits can be found in the video below, though you’ll have to listen to some long-haired Michael Fassbender lookalike to hear them. There’s also a new FAQ section that the studio posted on their blog that essentially lets us know:

A) The game does not feature Rick Grimes. It’s in fact a prequel (of sorts).

B) Yes, there will be elements from both the show and the comic book.

C) The game will be episodic and each new “episode” is roughly 2 hours long.

D) You will have moral choices in the game that affect the overall experience.

The Walking Dead video game

The Walking Dead - Tell Tale Games

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  • I love Tell-Tale games. Sam & Max & Monkey Island rule! I haven’t played it, but Back to the Future looked great…sadly Jurassic Park wasn’t up to snuff. I have faith in this though, very much looking forward to it. It’ll be nice to play a zombie game with some emotion to it.