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Freddy Kruger and Snake Plissken Join the Cast of G.I. Joe

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February 17, 2012


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Freddy Kruger and Snake Plissken Join the Cast of G.I. Joe

I was looking for a great way to cap off this week and thanks to Brian over at Cool and Collected (great site, btw) I found exactly what I needed… custom made action figures of famous movie icons NEVER actually released before! I should stress that while these figures are all very real, they’re not officially licensed – just fan made – but when you toss in the fact that the artist goes as far as designing the vintage style packaging they’re every more awesome.

It’s unsure whether or not if the seller on eBay (popsfartberger), but either way they’re each very real and very much for sale. Anyone want to buy me an early birthday gift? That Freddy Krueger action figure is looking pretty nice…

Freddy Krueger aand Bloody Valentine action figures

Escape from New York action figure

Evil Dead and Bloodsport action figures

Cobra and Highlander action figures

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  • Andrew

    but they don’t come with weapons?! and why’s Plisken with COBRA? either way its still pretty awesome.

    • Rondal

      Haha… I think Warden comes with a shovel, but yeah, it’d be killer to have Cobra with his customized Gold Cup Pistol or a submachine gun.

  • Caffeinated Joe

    Love the Harry Warden figure – I would own it! LOL

  • Joe Hasson


  • AirRaidPatrol

    Sooooo good. If I had an action figure collection these might have been on my wishlist.

  • Jerry Lincoln

    I love the harry warden thats my idol ;p