Mike Haggar: Giving a Pile Driver To Criminals Everywhere!

Mike Haggar Shark Piledriver

In a year such as this, with elections soon to come, we must wonder who we want to run our towns, districts, regions, states and even our country. So many doubts are generated while trying to choose in this bipartisan system, but like many others, I know that I want a man in charge who not only says but who can also DO! A man that not only promises to clean my city, but that is also got the machismo to back it up. A man fiscally fit enough to go kick punk asses! A man that is not afraid to grab a lead pipe and crush it in a thug’s head to get where he wants to go! A man like MIKE HAGGAR!!!!

Voted by several websites as the best fictional mayor, but also as an overall politician – clean, honest, hard working and ready to punch crime where it hurts – Mike Haggar is the man we all dream to see one day cleaning our streets. Its a shame though that his appearances have been really erratic in the Western world since the debut of Final Fight, but that didn’t stop Porn Porkchop and Capcom from leaving us a few campaign ads to remind us just why Haggar will be always in our hearts… giving a pile drive to crime.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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