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New ‘Adventure Time’ Series Revealed… Bravest Warriors!

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February 10, 2012


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New ‘Adventure Time’ Series Revealed… Bravest Warriors!

Pendleton Ward is a busy man. As the creator behind Cartoon Network’s insanely popular series Adventure Time, it would seem that Ward is ramping up for a brand new show called BRAVEST WARRIORS as reported by Cartoon Hangover and Comics Alliance along with co-creator Breehn Burns. Although it would appear to be something that’s currently in development, no official word has been made by any major networks that it will be coming to TV screens anytime soon (take from that what you will).

The concept for Bravest Warriors actually originated back in 2006 when Ward and Frederator Studios were at Nickelodeon working on Random! Cartoons shorts. While the initial concept was about “four 13-15 year old space travelers warping around through galaxies saving cute alien worlds with their emotions” the revised pitch has aged them to all be 16 Heroes-for-Hire (still visiting different worlds and emotions). Check out the original short below!

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